Great results from all CPRT Members – with a special hurray for Alicia Berryman who at just 9 Years of age competed in the U14 class and gained a bronze medal.

Alicia Berryman 3rd U14 ( 9YO) K1

Madison Wilson 3rd U16 K1

Hannah Middleton 4th U 16 K1

Kate Poulier 3rd U23 k1

Dita Pahl 1st Open k1

Sebastian Montalto 1st U12 K1

Joshua Montalto 1st U 14 K1

Zac Nightingale 4th U14 K1

James Odonoghue Hayes 1st U16 K1

Sam Nightingale 2nd U 16 K1

Robert Janisewski 1st U16 C1

Full Results here: Vic-DR-Sprint-Champs-2015