Kayaking and COVID19

Kayaking and learning to kayak still remain one of the safest sports in this pandemic. For those looking to stay active, kayaking or canoeing can be a solo sport with enforced distance from others. The sport takes place in the outdoors reducing risk of exposure.

The state and National government guidelines from March 18, are still actioned at 500 or less participants at an outdoor venue. Canoes Plus, Canoes Plus racing Team and Canoes Plus Kayak Club has however, taken the step to suspend trainign and club activities in order to facilitate the safety of our members.

Any and all club activities and shop acitivites that are ongoing will adhere to the following:
•alcohol sanitisers, disinfectant or soap will be available to participants or customers.
•Provide and promote sanitisers for use on entering buildings.
•Ensure high standards of routine environmental cleaning.
•Clean and disinfect high touch surfaces regularly, including hire boats and gear.
•Open windows, enhance airflow, adjust air conditioning.
•use outdoor venues if possible.

Other actions such as the following should be undertaken now:
•If you are playing sport or swimming, shower with soap before attending the facility.
•If you are not playing the sport (for example you are a spectator or coach) ensure a distance of 1.5 metres is kept between yourself and others.
•Minimise physical contact as much as is practicable, for example no shaking hands, no walking out with player mascots, no pre- or post-match celebrations and no celebrating between players during the match.
•Restrict access to change rooms solely to players, officials, coaches and essential staff.
•Clean and disinfect high touch surfaces regularly, including change room surfaces.
•Do not share items like towels and soap bars and wash your hands after changing.
•Reduce sporting activities to local competitions only, with no inter-district, or inter-club travel.
•Take personal action to reduce exposures and stay healthy